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Spoilt for Choice

You have a selection of IP transit options with multiple providers and aggregated pricing in multiple data centres across the UK.

Fibroptic is an aggregator of IP transit. This means we can provide you with direct Tier 1 IP transit from multiple providers in the UK and blend it to create an ultra-low latency and highly resilient, multi-homed service. 

Being an aggregator means we save you money and time. You benefit from discounted pricing across all services and providers - rather than needing to negotiate with each individual provider - while benefiting from ports and direct connections with the Tier 1 providers' networks.  

Our Tier 1 providers give you the best coverage for each region - including NTT, GTT, Century Link and more.

Key Features


  • Choice of direct Tier 1 connectivity, multihomed or aggregated multi-provider ports.
  • Available at multiple data centres across the UK (enquire for a full list of data centres and carriers).
  • No minimum commitments on ports (usually minimum 10% directly with Tier 1 providers).
  • CDR (Committed Data Rate) up to 100Gbps available.
  • IPv4 / IPv6 dual stack available.
  • Delivered as a BGP feed or static IP addresses.
  • BGP available as full or partial routes.
  • BGP communities support. Multicast support.
  • LIR Support – we can help you with RIPE resources.
  • Multihomed includes multiple Tier 1 providers, internet exchanges and direct peering for fastest connectivity
  • Aggregated connectivity provides discounts across multiple DCs and providers
  • Billing options include full ports with unlimited traffic or commits with burst billing with 95th percentile on usage.

Let's Make an (IP) Breakout 

Try us. Make an enquiry and test our ability to respond with surprising speed and ridiculously competitive pricing.