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Business at Light Speed

Save Money & Take Control with Dark Fibre

Tap into the UK's dark fibre network. Accelerate into the age of business at light speed.

Huge Savings - Connectivity Costs Reduced by up to 90%

Dark Fibre can give you:

  • Substantial long term savings compared with using a traditional network provider
  • Unlimited bandwidth and future capacity
  • Complete security
  • Total control over your own infrastructure.

If you have managed high capacity data links from 1Gbps or more, Dark Fibre often provides substantial savings - as well as a step change in performance. 

You get the right solution because we have access to all the major fibre providers' networks.

We survey and find the right solutions for your needs. 

Our buying power means we can pass cost savings on to you.


Dark Fibre Benefits

  • Future OPEX costs do not increase as your capacity increases.
  • Grow your network capacity as your bandwidth needs increase
  • Suitable from 1Gbps up to 20Tbps
  • Security of your own private dedicated network
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Substantially lower latency than public network providers

Dark Fibre - A Cautionary Note

Once upon a time dark fibre was only an option for service providers or data centres. This is no longer the case.

Dark fibre could be the right solution for your business but it is not like buying a managed service. You are investing in leasing an asset that has to be maintained and in the worst case scenario - such as builders cutting through cables - repaired. Under these circumstances the outages might not be easy or fast to fix. You'll need the right SLAs in place. 

Put simply, your dark fibre is a high tech cable from one point to another. It is designed to connect offices to offices, data centres to data centres or offices to data centres. 

  • You will be responsible for all the complex optical and routing equipment required to 'light' the dark fibre. 
  • You will need to organise Internet connectivity if required.
  • You will need to put failover and back-up plans in place - ensuring that these backups are discreet circuits not using the same cable routes.
  • You will have taxes to pay.

Why Fibroptic?

Why be restricted by a single vendor offering?

You can take advantage of our relationships with metro, national and international fibre operators so you save time and money finding a solution that spans all these categories. Leave it to us. We'll work out how to piece together the optimum solution for your project.

With a managed service such as wavelengths, you will typically negotiate high speed connections complete with all the services you need. When planning to use dark fibre, it pays to have an experienced guide on hand to ensure you have all the bases covered.

Dark fibre providers will all offer: 

  • Different coverage footprints
  • Different fibre routes (shortest is best)
  • Different cost structures.

Sometimes multiple networks need to be combined to get to the best solution - whether that is a simple point-to-point, a dark fibre ring or point-to-multipoint solution.

You may choose to do this yourself or you could choose an experienced, specialist partner who can also provide discounts through existing relationships and the buying power that comes from them.

We can guide you through the process and save you money.

Coming to the Dark Side?

Try us. Make an enquiry and test our ability to respond with surprising speed and ridiculously competitive pricing.