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Business at Light Speed

Here To Help You Build a Better Business 

Fibroptic exists to help your business do business better and much, much faster.

It's an ever-evolving world. You need to design, build and optimise high-speed, low latency infrastructures to provide services and security today (while providing provision for expansion) as well as failover, redundancy and disaster recovery plans for tomorrow. That's when our specialists are one of your best assets. 

Our long-lasting relationships with all the major players in this business go back more than a decade and we feel confident that we can save you money and transform the speed of your secure business infrastructure. It's what we do.

At any given time we provide the independent voice - the inside track - on what is really a good investment right now. We can combine offerings from multiple vendors to provide the best solution for you and because we know all the right people and we've been doing this kind of thing for years, our solutions are smart and ourprices are ridiculously competitive. 

Tell us about your project, challenges and timescales. We will arrange an initial telephone appointment with a suitably qualified consultant to discuss your requirements with you. 

Matt Hawkins at C4LFibroptic is a division of MiMiC Limited - a technology business based in Poole in Dorset. A business which exists to have a positive impact on the world through intelligent internet technology.

MiMiC was founded by CEO and reknowned tech entrepreneur Matt Hawkins in 2012. Matt is best known for founding the very successful data centre and network services company C4L - a major player in the UK Internet scene and one of the South Coast's highest profile companies - before selling the business to CORETX in 2016.