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Business at Light Speed

Discover the UK's Dark Fibre Network

Dark fibre is fibre optic cable that has been deployed but has yet to be commissioned.

In the UK there is a huge, national network of dark fibre waiting to connect your offices and data centres to provide a highly secure, rock-solid, ultra high-speed connection so you can do business at the speed of light. 

London and Manchester in particular have established a metro fibre network infrastructure and an increasing number of cities are developing dense fibre networks connected to the national providers' networks. The number of buildings connected to these UK networks is increasing.

Digging cable routes across cities, countries and even continents is a huge investment and a costly, time consuming and disruptive operation. That's why fibre optic cables are deployed in bundles. Tens or even hundreds of fibre optic cables are all encapsulated in a single trunk, buried under the ground at the same time.

This potential capacity is lying dormant under our feet until the correct connections are made to establish an end-to-end service. Once the correct optical equipment is attached at each end, the fibre is 'lit' and data can be transmitted at light speed between connected buildings. 

The UK dark fibre network already connects hundreds of data centres and hundreds of city centre buildings in the UK.

We work with the providers to offer 'tail' circuits, short additional fibre runs to a specific customer location that extends the reach of the already deployed fibre network.

We also have agreements in place with companies specialising in digging entirely new fibre routes and experience of working with planning departments and infrastructure teams to make this happen.

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