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Business at Light Speed

Rethinking Your Connectivity?

You no longer need to have all your services in a single data centre. 

Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) networks enable you to zap bottlenecks and share loads as your requirements grow. Now you can locate resources for maximum convenience - while enjoying maximum performance and lowest cost.

Fibre optic interconnects bring new topological possibilities so your business can re-think it's connectivity. This brings greater resilience and better utilisation of resources.

Our fibre optic interconnects allow your critical business locations to be connected to cloud service providers, data storage and application servers at the speed of light - shrinking distance and providing new opportunities to design a more effective infrastructure.

Let us help you to:

  • Connect multiple data centres within your business or organisation to create your own private, data centre connected network
  • Connect partner data centres with shared data and/or resources
  • Connect to major carriers, service providers and internet exchanges
  • Facilitate workload sharing across multiple data centres
  • Pool data centre resources to scale resources inline with growth
  • Build a disaster recovery site from an interconnected data centre.

We also help Internet Content Providers (ICPs) and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to build optimised DCI infrastructures that are scalable, efficient and secure.

Talk to us about your high-speed data requirements and let us find the technology, the right price and the right SLA for you.

Let's (Inter) Connect

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