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Business at Light Speed

Huge Bandwidth With Minimal Capex

There is more than one way to tap into the UK's fibre optic network.

DWDM (Dense Wave Division Multiplexing) equipment allows a single fibre optic cable to be effectively split into (typically) 80 individual channels or 'wavelengths'. Using high quality optical equipment, it is possible to get 1G to 100G speeds over each wavelength (subject to survey). And - with the latest technology advances - this capability is still increasing.

Wavelength services are a highly scalable solution ideal for connecting metro, national and global sites with very high bandwidth requirements with minimal capital outlay.

This means that - with the right technology - each optical fibre link offers a staggering amount of bandwidth. 

Leasing and lighting dark fibre yourself can be an attractive option. This provides ultimate control and security but costs (including commissioning, maintaining equipment and a 'fibre tax' payable to the UK government) will be signficantly higher.

As a lower cost alternative to dark fibre, managed wavelengths can be a very attractive proposition.    

Historically these wavelengths (or waves) have been used by ISPs or carriers who want to run and control their own networks. This service is now available to your business too. 

Waves can span and shrink huge distances and we can help you plan the most effective deployment of these optical data links for your business.

Planning and deploying wavelengths with SLAs that make sense is what we do.

We can help you to plan and deliver:

  • Rapid deployment
  • Low latency links
  • Single and diverse routes
  • Protected switching 
  • Amplification where required over long distances
  • Total resilience through multiple carriers and PoPs. 

Fibroptic offers you a fast quotation and the ability to utilise many partners' networks to achieve your goals.

In some instances, on-net sites can be up and running in hours.

Let's get on the same Wavelength...

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