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Colocation at UK Data Centres

Outstanding Facilities and Great Prices 

Here at Fibroptic we are always looking out for outstanding colocation facilities for our clients at great prices - be that a London city centre data centre, a DC on the outskirts of London or an out-of-city data centre with great connections.

Our expert buyers source the best deals from businesses who have, for one reason or another, over-committed and find themselves with excess capacity. As such our prices are usually beyond what anybody is prepared to publish. 

Key criteria for selecting a data centre are:

  • Service levels available - managed or unmanaged solutions available
  • Security
  • IP Transit - Partial transit, Global transit, BGP, Tier 1 and Multihomed solutions available
  • Power Requirements per rack, 8 Amps, 16 Amps, 32 Amps etc...
  • Single or redundant dual power feeds
  • Heat dissipation/cooling and associated costs
  • Ease of access and physical location 
  • Connectivity solutions - up to 100Gbps (and beyond with dark fibre)
  • Single data centre or redundant dual geographic data centre solutions
  • Size of colocation, from 1U to cages, suites, full, half and quarter racks, 

Right now we have outstanding colocation facilities in the following data centre locations:

We are looking for the best combination of data centre price, location and performance at any given time, so it is always worth checking in with us to see if are aware of any new opportunities in the pipeline or contacting us with your specific requirements.

Let's Move In Together 

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