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Build a Better Infrastructure for Less 

Fibroptic exists to help you build a faster, more scalable and more cost-effective infrastructure. 

You can't take risks with your infrastructure which is why we work only with best of breed solutions and partners.

You are always under pressure to do more with your budget which is why our experience, buying power, industry connections and economies of scale enable us to surprise you with spectacular pricing. 

Whether you are an enterprise building a light-speed infrastructure, an ISP or MSP building a high performance network for your customers or a media house needing to transport huge files securely, test us.

Our business is finding you the best solution. Challenge us. You’ll be glad you did.

Dark Fibre

Whether you are an enterprise or an ISP, if you use high capacity links you might consider a dark fibre connection

You maintain complete control over your 100% secure, light-speed network with almost unlimited bandwidth potential - while enjoying substantial, long-term savings.

We work with all the leading infrastructure providers. Our job is to ensure you benefit from our buying power to get the most cost effective solution possible. 

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Private Network Interconnects

Your offices, your data, your back-ups and your cloud systems typically reside in many locations. A fibre optic interconnect enables a speed-of-light connection so fast that the join is effectively seamless. 

This means you can build a national or global infrastructure that optimises and aggregates services across multiple locations and providers to make the most of your budget with no loss of quality of service.

Our partners operate the most comprehensive and connected networks in the UK and across the globe. We'll help you select the product and service contract for your job and secure you prices not usually available on the open market.

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Optical Wavelengths

Manage your optical bandwidth the easy way. No large up-front investment required. None of the responsibility of owning and operating your own infrastructure. Wavelengths are also a great way to avoid the fibre tax.

Wavelength connectivity on dedicated fibre and optical equipment to securely connect your enterprise to all major data centres, enterprise locations and carrier hotels.

Thanks to 50 GHz Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology, a single fibre can carry up to 80 channels of optical transmission, each operating at up to 100Gbps. Find out how this makes a great high-speed alternative to owning your own fibre.

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IP Transit

Fibroptic is an aggregator of IP Transit. This means we can provide direct Tier 1 IP transit from multiple providers in the UK and blend it to create a ultra-low latency and highly resilient multi-homed service. 

Fast delivery times, no minimum commitments and of course, our very own spectacular pricing.

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If you are looking for a professional colo facility, talk to us. We specialise in buying unused commitments from major industry players. This means that - when we have space available at the UK's top data centres - our deals are usually unbeatable.

We have London data centre colocation space in Docklands, we have colocation space in Enfield and we have colocation deals at a Bournemouth data centre that are all subject to our ridiculously competitive pricing policy...

Check out our current availability and challenge us today!

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Try Fibroptic

An expert service awaits you. Our experienced problem solvers will be an asset to your business.

We'll help you plan your infrastructure for the long term - building in scalability without sacrificing agility. 

Talk to us about your unique challenges.

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